The Gallery at Barrio Glassworks features beautifully designed, handmade objects by glass artists from San Diego, Southern California and beyond.  We are dedicated to representing artists at all stages of their career — emerging, mid-career and well established. With roots in the American studio glass movement, we focus on innovative contemporary work by artists who work with glass in unique and innovative ways.


From March 10, 2021 through Spring 2021


We are excited to showcase the work of San Diego based glass artist Nic McGuire.


This show features “Monarch Flutter” a wall installation of butterflies whose colors and shadows dance all over the walls. “Being a native of San Diego I am inspired by the great migration of these amazing creatures every winter season. Monarchs are a masterpiece in creation that often reminds us of the delicacy of life itself. Their beauty and

dance encourage us to carry on forward with our own goals and dreams in hopes for a better future”.  


Nic is a modern glass artist living in San Diego, CA. Best known as a hot glass sculptor who hand forms molten glass into contemporary art. His glass work incorporates complex sculpture techniques with modern forms and unique color palettes to produce the current series of artwork.  The intricate patterns and skillfully crafted forms of glass and metal make each piece of art a unique one-of-a-kind sculpture. Nic enjoys spending his time making high quality original glass sculptures to share the beauty of life with others.