The Gallery at Barrio Glassworks features beautifully designed, handmade objects by glass artists from San Diego, Southern California and beyond.  We are dedicated to representing artists at all stages of their career — emerging, mid-career and well established. With roots in the American studio glass movement, we focus on innovative contemporary work by artists who work with glass in unique and innovative ways.


From October 5 through Spring 2022


Barrio Glassworks is excited to host Kazuki Takizawa, a Japanese glass artist currently based in Los Angeles, as the Fall 2021 resident artist.  He will be working in the studio the week of October 5-8.  Kazuki graduated from the University of Hawaii at Monoa with a BFA in Glass Art in 2010.  He has worked and taught at various glass educational facilities including Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State and Public Glass in San Francisco.  He currently owns and runs KT Glassworks, a hot glass studio in Los Angeles, California.

As an artist who lives with Bipolar Disorder, Kazuki uses glass as a means to explore his inner reality and destigmatize mental illness.  In an aim to give the invisible shape, Kazuki crafts elaborate vessels and installations, each with a unique story. Universally rooted in a dialogue around mental health, his series examines broad themes such as attaining minimalism amid chaos as well as personal narratives around family and his individual challenges. Takizawa has travelled to numerous communities in and outside the US to share his work and to act as an advocate for mental illness. His practice offers an uncommon and inclusive space to increase awareness and start a conversation.

Residency and Exhibition Statement 


In this weeklong residency at Barrio Glassworks, I will be focusing on creating new works in my Container Series as well as Minimalist Series work. These two series of work are my longest ongoing series of work and I have very strong emotional connections to them. I am most looking forward to revisiting some of the original ideas that inspired the creation of these works and incorporating new ideas to give them their most current manifestation. As I navigate through experimentation and refinement, I am planning on focusing on the finer details that will accentuate the final forms. In conjunction with the residency, my exhibition at the Barrio Glassworks Gallery will showcase a retrospective body of work in glass which have been created at times of different spectrum of my mental state.

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