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Glass Artists featured in our gallery

Drew Raskin

Drew Raskin resides in Carlsbad, California and is Barrio Glassworks Studio Manager. Drew first saw glassblowing when he was 15 years old which led him to find workshops in Seattle and an eventual major in Glass at California College of the Arts in Oakland. He has studied glass with independent artists at Penland, Pilchuk and the Corning Museum of Glass. Drew incorporates classic and modern techniques to his broad range of work style.  He is an emerging artist driven by the chaos and social injustice he sees in the world around him.

IG @the_raskinator


Nic McGuire

Nic McGuire is a modern glass artist living in San Diego, CA.  An Encinitas native, he began his glass studies at Palomar College and went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree from U.C.S.D.  Best known as a hot glass sculptor who hand forms molten glass into contemporary art.  His glass work incorporates complex sculpture techniques with modern forms and unique color palettes to produce the current series of artwork.  The intricate patterns and skillfully crafted forms of glass and metal make each piece of art a unique one-of-a-kind sculpture. Nic enjoys spending his time making high quality original glass sculptures to share the beauty of life with others.


IG: nicmcguire

Taryn Jayne

I find myself consumed by glassblowing for reasons other than its beautiful visual qualities. As a glass artist I am challenged to control and coax this molten material with every tool but my hands. For over a decade hot glass has continued to humble me, yet it is the most addictive medium I've ever gotten my hands on.

The skills learnt in the shop become life skills. They are lessons in commitment. Unlike other materials glass does not allow the artist to take a step back, put it aside and come back to it. Glass necessitates quick thinking and immediate action. It's an adrenaline rush.  


I love the challenge of manipulating the material, but I also find beauty in the physical process- becoming a human lathe. Constant rotation of the pipe and shaping of the glass require absolute finesse.


IG: @tarynjayne_glass


Mad Art Studio

Shaded by palm trees ands cooled by ocean breezes, the glassblowing studio of Rina Fehrensen and Michael Maddy is situated in north county San Diego.  There, in front of 2000 degree furnaces they create their colorful artowrk.  Their vases, sculptures and other fantastic glasswork is characterized by it's bright vibrant colors, intricate designs, whimsical patterns, and classic shapes and forms.

Logan Nash Groupé

Born and raised in Oceanside, CA and now residing on Palomar Mountain, glass artist Logan Nash Groupé has travelled the world in pursuit of his glass blowing passion. Groupé has studied at California College of the Arts,  Palomar College, Pilchuck Glass School, at workshops across the country including Tulsa Glassblowing School, and has worked in glass studios in Alaska, Europe and New Zealand.

“My interest in working with glass is fueled by the tradition, history and process of working with the material. The possibilities of color, shape, pattern and design are endless and are the most exciting part of it all for me. 

As I approach almost a decade of glassmaking I strive to define my voice as an artist. Currently I focus on creating objects that are clean and ascetically pleasing with a strong sense of presence. Either utilitarian or simply sculptural, I strive to elevate the environments of our everyday lives.”



IG: logan_groupe


Steven Ciezki

Steven Ciezki grew up in Calumet City, Illinois. He started drawing in 1995 at the age of seven. This talent helped him discover glass as a sculptural material in college. Steven graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Illinois State University in 2012. Two years later, he received a residency at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass to experiment with complex techniques in the hotshop. This resulted in solo exhibitions in Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. After moving to Arizona, teaching opportunities informed the creation of a new glassblowing technique book. Steven published “Life on the Rails” in May of 2017. He has been invited as an artist and teacher to studios in Belgium, Turkey, and Japan and was the first international artist to receive the Art Group Creative Fellowship at Canberra Glassworks in Australia. Steven currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he is a practicing glass artist, author, and illustrator.


IG: @ciezkiglass

Paul Counts

"I have affection for art. I create with glass. This statement is proven by his massive dark vessels encased by beautiful details of colorful murrini and long pieces of twisted cane. "

Paul Counts’ passion for glass started when he was introduced to glassblowing in 1978. Counts observed a master glassblower at work and decided right then that he wanted to pursue a professional career in glassblowing. Counts studied under Prof. Dick Marquis and Prof. Lino Taliapiatra at the Haystack School of Crafts summer workshop from 1990 into 1991. Counts then became a production glassblower in several California studios from 1984 to 1985 honing his skills. He currently resides in San Marcos, California where he has a studio.

IG: @paulcounts1

Dan McStocker w turtle 1.jpg

Dan McStocker

Oceanside glass artist Dan McStocker specializes in a variety of blown and sculptural glass pieces.  From whimsical “donuts” to life like animals and sea life, he has developed his techniques while studying with industry leading glass artists from around the world.


IG: @danmcstockerglass

Isaac Feuerman

Originally from Los Angeles, Isaac Feuerman is an Everett Washington based glass artist who uses the patterned symmetry of nature as the fundamental architecture for his work. Pursuing the interplay of space and design, his sculpted and hand blown objects are a mixture of modern and traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques.

His garden sculpture incorporates bold colors and organic forms, working in tandem to create visually stunning compositions that illuminate their surroundings.

Isaac has studied at various glass institutes, including Penland School of Craft and Corning Museum of Glass.  He was a visiting artist at Columbus College of Art in Ohio and a Resident Artist at STARworks, South Carolina in 2018.

IG: @isaacfeuerman


Jennifer Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell AKA Umphress creates work that draws inspiration from her environment.


Born and raised in California, she began working with glass in 2000 while living in Hawaii. Caldwell now lives and works in Kingston, Washington, where the Pacific Ocean continues to influence her work. “Although my inspiration comes from the ocean, I am most intrigued by capturing movement. I try to emulate the movement of sea life in a simple contemporary form,” says Caldwell in her personal statement.


"Glass is, at once, fragile and strong, beautiful and dangerous, full of movement and static.  These paradoxes lend themselves to speaking of conflicting ideas that inevitably accompany each other in the mind and throughout life’s experiences. 


Humor, whimsy and imagination are a cathartic aspect of my studio practice that allow me to address more serious emotions from a place of playfulness. In my work, I observe objects from the world around me and convey ideas by identifying aspects of these object that I am drawn to.   Color, form or historical meaning become a point of departure and focus while aspects that make these objects live or function in reality, become secondary or completely denied during the creative process.  In this way objects from my experience become beautiful, yet un-functional, or are combined in a way to see the paradoxes through which I view the world.  


Working with the constant motion associated with hot glass forces me to intuitively engage with the material creating a constant collaboration between the material and myself.  This is a connection that happens between my conscience and sub-conscience, my mind and hands, the motion of the material and my own emotions, resulting in a physical object that conveys my essence".

Max Kropczynski

Max Kropczynski is a San Diego local glass artist. Born and raised in Carlsbad, the ocean has been a source of great fun and inspiration throughout his life. Max first found the torch in 2014 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where his love for the medium completely reshaped his career ambitions. Since then Max has worked with various glass production companies while pursuing his Scientific Glass Technology degree and graduating in 2021. Currently, he is dedicated full time to his work as an independent glass artist working out of Carlsbad, CA.

Max headshot2.jpg

Nao Yamamoto

Nao Yamamoto was born in Japan, has spent a decade building her artistic practice in the United States, and was most recently featured on Season 2 of the Netflix series 'Blown Away'. 


She received her Masters of Fine Arts in studio art and design from California State University, San Bernardino in 2014, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tama Art University, in Tokyo in 2011, specializing in glass art. 

Nao creates artwork inspired by the simple beauty of glass and nature, to celebrate the power of life.


IG: @naoymmt

Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez engages glass and light through sculptural forms and experiential spaces, exploiting the unique abilities to capture time and movement. He explores formal fanaticism through objects that excite the senses in visual play and fetishistic tactility. Inspired by West Coast Funk and alternative folk movements, Hernandez embraces unlikely compositions in color and form where the space between seduction and repulsion is stretched, poked, and ruffled. A connoisseur of craft and masseur of material, his practice moves through experimental excursions of processes, from the technically ambitious to the joyously naïve.


Hernandez earned a BFA from Emporia State University (KS) and an MFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University (NY). He has attended residencies and taught workshops on sculptural approaches to glassblowing, kilnforming, and neon at Pilchuck Glass School, Urban Glass, and numerous private and public institutions around the US. Currently, Michael is Associate Professor and head of the glass program at Palomar College. He is on the Board of Directors of the Glass Art Society and he serves as Editor of GASnews.

IG: @mmhmmmhernandez


Greg Dietrich

As a nature lover residing on an island, fringed by a spectacular barrier reef, Greg Dietrich's work is inspired by the exotic marine life that abounds in the surrounding waters. Dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, thousands of tropical fish and other coral reef dwellers inhabit these Carribbean waters. His marine art brings these images to life in unique hand blown glass lamps, sculpture, vases, bowls and other glass objects.


IG: @greg.galeria.azul

Kazuki Takizawa

Kazuki Takizawa is a Japanese glass artist currently based in Los Angeles.  Kazuki graduated from the University of Hawaii at Monoa with a BFA in Glass Art in 2010.  He has worked and taught at various glass educational facilities including Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State and Public Glass in San Francisco.  He currently owns and runs KT Glassworks, a hot glass studio in Los Angeles, California.


IG: @ktglassworks


Buzz Blodgett

Buzz has been blowing glass since 1969. He is from a family of artists. The family glassblowing studio flourished in the small Southern California artist beach community of Leucadia. Blodgett Glass has produced many lines starting with the “Music In Glass” line of bells and windchimes (1972-1982) followed by “Bubble Lites” (1975), “Space Lites” (1977) and “Sea Foam (1981).

These lines continually evolved and were refined over the years and in 1978 an important Swedish influence was discovered. Buzz learned many new techniques from the Swedish glassblower and currently uses them in many of his glass creations. He says “I was always impressed with the frozen liquidity of glass, which seemed to mesh with my love for the ocean and surfing.” In 1987 he took over the operation of Blodgett Glass in California.

He has had exhibitions at the Corning Museum and has exhibited his glass in galleries in Seattle, California and New York since 1975. All his glass is handmade using the same methods utilized since ancient times and it is signed and dated.

instagram: @glassbuzz1951

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