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Visiting Artist
Jason Christian
February 4 - 9, 2024

Visiting Glass Blowing Artists

I still don’t know if I chose glassblowing, or if it chose me. I just knew that the moment I walked into that studio and saw what was being created I had to be a part of it. Finding glassblowing felt magical like I was made for it. It provided something I lacked in my younger years. The urge to create, grow, and express myself through my work. To witness a person, handle molten glass, manipulate it, and form it as if it were water was amazing to me. I knew that I had to be a part of it.

Beyond my relationship with glass, the camaraderie within the industry enticed me to grow beyond myself, always looking for what was within and tuning that into something I could only see in my mind. It created an environment of growth and exploration, pushing me to be a better artist.

Watching my peers create around me has inspired me to find my footing in the industry and allowed me to discover how I want to express and represent myself.

My artwork represents me as a whole. Throughout my career as a maker and artist, I have been inspired by many facets of my life; that being, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my family, and personal life experiences. Nostalgia is what inspires my most significant works. Being fueled by emotion, I don’t know precisely why I am creating a piece; I know I must. I try to interpret that feeling in my work to have someone see it and evoke the same emotions I used to create a piece.

With this fueling my creativity, I continually create new works, inspiring new ideas. My confidence as an artist continues to grow, allowing me to bring pieces to life that seemed impossible when I first began. As long as my inspiration drives me, I will continue pushing the boundaries of my craft.

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