Hot Shop Rental

We have new state of the art hot shop equipment to enable glass artists to create stunning glass art and functional products.  Proper care and maintenance of our equipment is essential for all users and to ensure a safe working condition for all hot shop users. Before you can rent our space, you will be asked to demonstrate your abilities and must be approved by our studio head.


  • 300 LB Canned Heat Electric Furnace

  • Kugler Clear Glass (nugget)

  • 18″ Canned Heat Glory Hole

  • 19″ Custom Spiral Arts Dual Burner Glory Hole, extra deep, Reduction Pedal

  • (2x) Canned Heat Annealers (36″w x 29″d x 27″h)

  • Canned Heat Garage (36"w x 13"d x 17"h

  • 24" Skutt Pick Up Kiln​​


Rates Include Use of glory hole, up to x lbs of clear glass per hour, pipe warmer, pipe cooler, bench, marvers, shared use of a garage, blocks, and regular x-hr annealing cycle.  More than the allotted glass will be charged at $x/lb. of glass removed from the furnace (includes the work, knockoff, and drip off.  The Hot Shop must be scheduled for a minimum of a 4-hour session and approved by the studio head.

  • 18″ Canned Heat Glory Hole – $55/hour

  • 19″ Spiral Arts Glory Hole – $65/hour

  • 24" Skutt Pick Up Kiln - TBD/hour


  • Hand Tool Rental – $25/session

  • Pipe Rental – $25/session

  • Long Anneal – $x/Each Additional y hours

  • Fluffy Torch Rental – $x/hour

  • Ben Sharp Torch Rental – $x/hour

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